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The Cadfil Spar winding program is part of the non-axisymmetric suite of programs for complex winding geometries. The user defines the (constant) cross section of the mandrel using 2D lines and Arcs in a CAD system such as AutoCAD. This cross section information is written to a DXF file which is then read by Cadfil to create the 3D mandrel surface.

Spar Input Parameters
Overview of Spar Input Parameters

The user specifies the standard parameters such as mandrel length, the program start position, wind angle, band-width... The software then automatically calculates the paths and winding pattern which can be viewed in the standard Cadfil 3D viewing system.

Multiple wind patterns of different wind angles and wind lengths can be created and this can be automatically joined to create a complete multi-angle continuous program with no stops.

Winding A Large Yacht Mast Section
Winding a Large Yacht Mast Section
Winding on supports
Size is no problem for Cadfil-Spar!

Cadfil-Spar has two types of winding pattern Generation depending on wind angles :

High Angle (30-90 degrees to axis)

High angle does not require winding over the mandrel ends allowing easy mandrel extraction and fast winding.

Low Angle ( 6-30 degrees to axis)

For this option the fibres pass across the end on the mandrel and around the mandrel support shafts. Care must be taken in the design of the mandrel end shape and in the shaft diameter. We have considerable experience in this area and will give advice where required.

carbon mast manufactured using Cadfil-Spar
In action - A Carbon Mast
manufactured using Cadfil-Spar.

See left: Due to the
quality of the fibre
lay-down the mast
mechanical properties
exceeded the customer

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Updated: 16 June 2020