QuickCad Parametric program for Tapered Pipes

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This software option is similar to the QuickCAD pipe winding software and works for tapered pipes where the taper (slope) is generally less than 1:20. Constant angle winding on higher tapers may not be possible due to fibre slippage.

This option is entered from the QuickCad menu by selecting the taper pipe option. The data entry form is shown below:

Tapered pipe dialog

Tapered pipe programming diagram for dimensions

The first four parameters (end position and radius) give the size of the mandrel and its position relative to the machine datum (usually the chuck face).

The next two parameters Clearance radius and Mandrel surface clearance distance depend on the status of the '2 axis mode' tick box and are shown in the following diagram. For the '2 axis' options the clearance radius is used and thus the cross-feed axis is not used. The other option uses a clearance from the surface of the mandrel and thus the cross feed is used. This gives better control as the payout eye is usually closer to the mandrel along the full length.

Tapered pipe programming diagram for machine clearance dimensions

The remaining parameters are exactly as described in the Cadfil help manual for QuickCad Pipe winding.

Please note that the wind length specified is made up of a turning zone at each end (these are of different lengths) and a zone at the user specified wind angle. These lengths are reported along with any error messages in the Cadfil text window.

Updated: 11 January 2021