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Note this features is relevant to Cadfil Version 9.53 onwards


From Cadfil version 9.53 the ffmpeg video creation for creating avi movies from the 3d graphics window is no longer automatically included as part of the install file. If this feature is required, the ffmpeg.exe file as well as instructions for the application of this file can be downloaded from the link below.

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This software is subject to GNU general public licence Version 2.0 which can be found in the following link. GNU general public licence Version 2.0.

Make avi movie When the "Capture window" button is pressed and then an animation is started with the "play" button each frame of the animation is saved in the working folder as a bitmap file, the bitmap (.bmp) files are named movxxxxxx.bmp where xxxxxx is the current point number. Non-asymmetric payout paths may have several thousand data points so a complete animation could generate a large number of files and can be slow. File creation starts at the current payout point number so to start at the beginning position the slider on the right of the dialog to the top before selecting play. After sufficient files have been created stop the animation with the 'Z' key, and then select this option.

For more information on this topic, see the advanced graphics window page.

Updated: 7 July 2024