Elliptical end opening winding

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The elliptical end opening winding options allow a path on a pressure vessel to be modified, so that the end opening is circular (axisymmetric) with constant radius on one end of the vessel, but the end opening can be elliptical using two separate radii on the other end of the mandrel

Elliptical winding example

Activating the elliptical end winding options

This option is activated in the SM file by inserting the option $ELLIPTICAL-RH-BOSS-ACTIVE=1

Using the elliptical end opening options

First create a standard axisymmetric fibre path, using the required end opening at the axisymmetric end. This path will be modified at the other end later. This fibre path can be created in the vessel with endcaps QuickCAD or the Fibre path create option.

After the band pattern has been chosen, Cadfil will display the message "Do Elliptical Boss modification?". After selecting 'Yes', Cadfil will ask for the 2 radius values for the elliptical end opening, in both the y direction and z direction. Cadfil will then generate the pay file with the modifications for the elliptical end opening.

Updated: 8 April 2022