Licence File Expiry

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Licence File Expiry

Some of the Cadfil licence data is held with the USB  Datakey. The Licence may have an expiry date after which the software will not function fully. You may get one the following messages if the licence has a limited period to run:

'WARNING - licence has less than 30 days'

'WARNING - licence has less than 15 days'

'Read Help Topic - Licence File Expiry' (this help topic).

In this case please send and email requesting a licence file update to with the details of your current software version, the serial number written on the Datakey and the name of your company and contact details.

The licence is a small data file that is supplied by email with full instructions of how to apply it. For more information on how to apply the license, see the 'Apply a licence file' section of the Installation page.

Updated: June 2020