Transfer To Winding machine - NC transfer

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Cadfil currently does not include any transfer software for communication between the PC and the NC controller on the winding machine. This transfer is often proprietary to the CNC in question.

If transfer software is provided by the controller manufacturer this can be integrated so that it can be launched from the NC Post-Process Menu, On the Transfer NC to Winder Option.

This option is controlled by three variables in the winding machine configuration (.SM) file. These are:

This takes values of 0 for no transfer to winder option or 2 for transfer to winder using an external program. 1 is intended for a CADFIL internal transfer option but this is not currently avialable.

The path and name of external transfer program is specified as in the example below:

A third option allows command line parameters for external transfer program if this are needed. If they are not needed do not set this value.

The transfer to winder can also be launched automatically from the Cadfil-Pipewinder (Multi-Pipe) dialog if these options have been set.

Updated: June 2020