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In the Cadfil system directory (usually C:\Cadfil\V7xx ) there is text file called Lang.dat. This file is a text file that can be viewed and edited in a program such as WordPad. Instructions on how to change this file to configure Cadfil for another language can be found in this file a fragment of which is show below.

REM This is the Cadfil text string file.

REM This file is a template to set up Cadfil

REM for use with languages other than English


REM Each line has the Format iiiii,'text string'

REM iiiii is a 5 digit reference number followed by the

REM text message. Some or all of the messages can be translated

REM Into another language and if this file is then returned

REM by disk1 or Email to Crescent we can use it to configure

REM for that language and return an updated version of the software.


REM Reference numbers greater than 10000 are the text on

REM the Cadfil menus. I.E. 10101 is menu 1 item 1, 10102 is

REM menu 1 item 2, 10310 is menu 3 item 10 etc.


REM Menu strings can have a & which sets the following character

REM as the 'hot key' for that menu option.


REM Some strings have items such as 'xxxxxxx' or'yyyyyyy'. These

REM x's are replaced by a number value at run time. Do not change

REM the number of x's or y's but the position in the string

REM can change.


REM Thank you for your assistance.


00001,Invalid Envelope flag in mandrel file

00002,Invalid Symmetry flag in mandrel file


00004,X,R Mandrel array full

00005,Error converting mandrel data

00006,Non-axisym generate not available

00007,You can Left Click the Graphics Window to Advance the Fibre

00008,You can Right Click the Graphics Window to Delete Fibre

00009,Option not authorised






00361,Machine data from file>

10101,Main &Options

10102,&New Mandrel

10103,&Mandrel Edit

10104,&Fibre Path Create

10105,Create &Joining Path

10106,Fibre &Path Modify

10107,&Create Payout Path

10108,&View Payout Path

10109,&RTM Results


10201,&Fibre Create Menu

10202,Finish and &Save


10204,Se&t step


10206,&View Options

10207,&Path Display Options

10208,&Rotate About axis


10210,R&estart Path

10211,&Friction LH






Updated: June 2020