Cadfil Finite Element Analysis Element types

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This topic is a sub-topic of Cadfil Finite Element Analysis Interface Module

Cadfil can output FEA models in a variety of formats to support input into analysis programs. The types of output supported have 2D elements (for shell and axisymmetric analyses) and 3D elements. Currently only linear elements (no mid-edge nodes) are output. The Nastran nomenclature is used here, supported types are 3 node triangles (CTRIA3), 4 node quadrilaterals (CQUAD4), 6 nodes Wedge (CPENTA) and 8 node Brick (CHEXA). The default node order for output is as per the Nastran convention and is shown in the diagrams below. For the 2D elements the user can redefine this node order for FEA output to other conventions, a facility for reordering 3D elements will be added if found to be requied at some future point.

Cadfil FEA 2D Triangle elements

Cadfil FEA 2D Quad elements

Cadfil FEA 3D Wedge elements

Cadfil FEA 3D Brick elements

Updated: June 2020