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CADFIL® Software Systems Package / Features Matrix

CADFIL® Software Systems Features and Price Matrix - Version 13
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Feature/Package Cadfil Packages Option or 'StandAlone' Package
Pipe Winder Lite Pipe Winder Plus Lite Lite+ Axsym Spars Spheres Plates Elbow Pipe T
Hoop winding on cylinders (pipes)          
Multi-stage Hoop winding on pipes            
Helical(geodesic) winding on Pipes          
Geodesics winding on pipes with dome ends (gas bottles, tanks etc)              
Unequal end openings (non-geodesic) on pipes with dome ends (bottles & tanks...)                
Joining paths - Parametric, on pipes only            
Joining paths - Parametric, on pipe and dome ends              
Joining paths - fully user controlled                  
Post-processing 2 Axes Only                  
Post-processing 2-5 axes    
Post-processing 6 axes   0 0 0    
Post-processing 6 axes industrial robot   0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0
General axisymmetric mandrel editor                
General geodesic and non-geodesic winding of ALL axisymmetric shapes                  
Mandrel profile from DXF file                
Mandrel profile from IGES file (IGES 5.3 std)                
Geodesic winding of Non-round constant sections from DXF data (Spars)         0        
Full graphical 3D visualisation/simulation  
Windows User interface, Compatable with Window Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Fully parametric multi-layer ultra high pressure spheres (uniform wall thickness)                  
Wall Thickness calculation output                
Flat plate with interwoven lay-up for test specimens (Plates)     0 0 0        
Parametric winding for pipe bends (Pipe Elbow)     0 0 0        
Multi-Bend Ducts (Pipe with generalised 2D curved spine     0 0 0        
Pipe T joints (Pipe T)                  
FEA Interfaces Nastran Bulk Data/Patran Neutral file/ANSYS       0 0          
User help file and online web web
12 month off-site technical support and updates
√ =features is included, o = feature is optional (additional cost)
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Updated: 23 October 2020