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Cadfil-Lite offers many of the advantages of the more powerful Cadfil-Axsym package with quick and simple parametric programming for the more common filament winding geometries. Much of the powerful 3D graphics and visualisation are the same as with Cadfil-Axsym. Program creation is via the Cadfil QuickCad user interface.

Lite is a lower-cost entry level for the Cadfil System.

Drive shaft made with Cadfil
Data Parameters for Dome Ended Vessel Software
Band pattern table image
Band Pattern Selection

The mandrel geometry and winding machine clearance envelope can be quickly entered as a series of data parameters. The diagram above shows the data parameters for the dome ended vessel software. The clearance envelope allows close control whilst preventing machine collision with the mandrel.

Having entered the data parameters the software automatically creates the mandrel geometry and the trajectory across the surface of the mandrel.

The software calculates the number of circuits required to cover the mandrel based on material parameters such as the fibre band width required.

A band pattern table is created (see right) and the user can select the band structure required. If required the number of cycles can be adjusted to give alternative patterns.

Pattern visualisation
Pattern Visualisation

The selected band structure can be viewed in the 3D viewing system, as shown in the image left.

Three Dimensional Mandrel

Machine positions are calculated using the envelope and saved to a data file. All Cadfil data files are text files and can be viewed if required.

The machine positions can be displayed in 3D around the mandrel or if required the user can define the machine fibre dispensing head using brick and cylinder solid shapes and perform a full 3D animation including all machine motions such as eye roll and eye yaw.

An example of this is shown in the picture to the right.

A Simulation of a Composite Pressure Vessel (COPV) in Cadfil-Lite+ can be seen in this link a full winding sequence on a machine can be seen at this link

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Updated: August 2011