Cadfil Help Contents Page

Cadfil - Advanced filament Winding software for program generation for all type of filament winding machine.

Cadfil Installation

To install Cadfil the installer must have administrator rights on the PC for steps 1, 2 and 4.

STEP 1, Install Cadfil

Cadfil comes as an executable install file. When run the install file:

STEP 2, Install drivers

Cadfil uses a security device called a Datakey. This is a DK3 (USB) device.

DK12 parallel port devices are not supported after Cadfil version 7.25

Cadfil copies a driver file to the C:\Cadfil\cadfil7xx. The driver install program is called DK3win.exe. A shortcut in the Cadfil programs group on the start menu can be used to run this install.

Please note that Cadfil Install files downloaded from  do not usually include the drivers to keep the file size smaller. Driver installation is not required if the user is installing an updated version of Cadfil. Drivers can be downloaded from the web page

STEP 3, Attach Datakey

Attach the USB datakey. The first time a USB key is used you may get the message that Windows has found new hardware and is loading drivers, please wait for this to complete. This message may also occur if you plug into a USB port that has not been used for the datakey before.

STEP 4, Apply a licence file

You should have been sent (usually by email) a small file, usually called ‘lic.dat’. This is required when you run Cadfil for the first time after an install. Place this file in a convenient location on the PC, for example on the desktop.

You can now run Cadfil my clicking the Cadfil7 icon on the desktop or in the start menu, Programs, Cadfil7 group.

Problem Solving

You may find that most of the menu options are greyed out and cannot be used. A security error message may be given and you could be directed to this help file if you chose to be.

To fix this you need to go to the utilities menu and select the Apply New Licence file option. You will then need to browse in the file open box to find the licence file you saved earlier. Having read the licence file you can then see the Cadfil the Message ‘Licence Update Succesful’ in the Cadfil Text window (you may need to scroll down this window to read the messages). If you get an error please note the error number and contact CCL. It may be that you need an updated licence file.

Security error messages will be of the format ‘Security failure, code xxx. View Help?’. Error codes meanings are shown below.

It is suggested that you:

  1. Check the Datakey is plugged into the PC and try to run Cadfil again. After plugging in a key wait a few seconds for windows to find it.

  2. Re-install the driver files (see step 2) and try again.

  3. Contact CCL.

For other codes you may just need to apply the latest licence file as described above. If the error persists please contact CCL. Contact details are at the start of this help file and can also be found on the Cadfil ‘About’ option.

Cadfil Run Time Licence code errors:

-1 No DK3 driver

-2 No DK3 found

-5 ,-16,-17 Corrupt DK3 datakey data

-6,-7,-8,-18  Licence expired

-9 DK3 found but not recognised (not initialised by Cadfil)

-10,-11,-13,-14,-15 Only for DK12 parallel key – DK12 is now obsolete

-12 Cadfil version number too high for licence data version

The above are the ones that you might see. The DK12 datakey is obsolete at Cadfil Version7.25

The error codes when installing a new licence file are different meanings, these are:

-1 Lic.dat file selected is not found

-2 Error opening lic.dat file

-3 Error reading lic.dat file

-19 Lic.dat file is corrupt

-5, -6 License file is time expired

-7 DK3 found but not recognised

-8 Wrong DK3 for licence file/wrong licence file for DK3

-9,-11,-12     DK12 error codes