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Cadfil - Advanced filament Winding software for program generation for all type of filament winding machine.

The 5 axis post processor-1

The 5 axes post processor uses all axes except the ‘vertical’ axis. It uses the yaw axis to enable the fibre band to be laid much flatter over the mandrel end. It has a disadvantage (on most machines) that the yaw axis is normally limited in it travel either side of the straight ahead position. Thus, the yaw axis cannot accommodate low angle wind angles well. If the yaw axis is used to take out the fibre twist as in the full 6 axis post processing the machine head needs a large clearance to avoid hitting the mandrel shafts at the mandrel ends. The 6 axis post processor is recommended in preference to this one.

Operation of this post processor is identical to the standard 4 axis post processor. Using the correct value of payout eye extension is essential as when the yaw axis is moved there must be compensation in the carriage and cross-feed axes if this rotation is not centred about the end of the delivery eye. Note that using Robots (e.g. ABB/Kuka) it is normal to set tool data for the fibre delivery point (TCP) so payout eye length should not be set as the robot will make the compensatory motions automatically using the tool data.